About Us

International College of Financial Planning (ICoFP) is one of India’s leading educational institutions specializing in financial services education. International College of Financial Planning was established in the year 2002 to initiate an entirely new platform for disseminating Financial Education to the future financial consultants of India.

ICoFP is India’s premier institute in Financial Services Education, promoted by Bajaj Capital Group.

The E-Learning Center at ICoFP offers E-Learning courses to help students from around the globe. Online courses offer convenience and flexibility for students with busy lives. Within required deadlines, students can work at times, days and locations that are convenient for their schedule.

Students are provided full access to interactive courses, knowledgeable tutors, and a variety online learning resources. Students can use the discussion forums and collaborative whiteboards to bounce ideas and questions off of other students. And students are also able to consult with our experienced tutors, whose industry experiences provide unique perspectives for students to learn from.

Teaching anyone, anywhere, anytime has never been this easy and convenient. This platform is a powerful new way to create and deliver rich, interactive online learning experiences people will love. Our LMS gives you the tools and flexibility to scale your learning initiatives regardless of industry, size, or location.

Last modified: Tuesday, 17 October 2017, 8:42 AM